Client Testimonials

Great Experience and Great Results from Rock Your Body

Roya at Rock Your Body has an approach that gets you motivated and looking forward to taking care of your body. I don’t feel like our sessions are a burden to go to like when I went to the gym. She gives personal attention, flexible schedule, willing to travel and very reasonably price. During the session she tailored our exercises for the specific goals that we made for me. She is a great motivator and gets you excited for the sessions. I highly recommend it for anyone who has taken a break from exercising or new to exercising. She not only gives you one-on-one attention but she helps by suggestions new eating habits and everyday practices that can help you get in better shape. Thank you Roya for teaching me how easy it is to take care of myself…you have found a client for life. -Sam S.

Roya—best trainer ever!!!

I have worked out with many different trainers over the years and Roya is by far the best of the best. She is dedicated, knowledgable, and always available for extra motivation. She will work with you to change your body, uplift your mood, and improve your life. Her energy and devotion will push you to the limit and you will see definite results! I have never met a trainer who cares so much for her clients and will do whatever it takes to meet their fitness goals. She has changed my outlook on fitness and life and she will do the same for all her LUCKY clients. Thank you Roya! -Mimi N.



I have been going to personal trainers and nutritionists since I was 15 and have not seen any lasting results which is why I was so reluctant to go to a personal trainer when i moved to NY for the summer. However, since I had heard such great reviews about Roya i decided to give it a try and I couldn’t be any happier. She is AMAZING!!! She cares so much about her clients well being and you can tell from the minute you meet her. She tailored my workout and nutrition plan to fit my lifestyle which made it easy to maintain (especially now that i no longer live in NY). I have never seen such amazing and lasting results. Not only do i see it in myself, but i am constantly being complimented on how good i look. After training with her for only 3 months I was able to lose and keep off about 15 pounds (lost 7% of my body fat). Not only is she an amazing trainer but she really cared about me and understood where I was struggling. She is always available and so supportive making it so much easier to accomplish your goal. Every workout is so different so you really do feel like you are doing something good for your body. She is honestly the only trainer I would recommend! I wish i could still train with her! -P S


Professional, fun, and result driven

I have been training for the past 18 years. Started training with Roya two years ago. She is the only trainer that has been able to melt away my arm and back fat. My posture has improved and I have learned how to eat right and enjoy working out. Roya is not just a trainer she is a great friend. Easy to talk to which makes the workouts enjoyable. I highly recommend her for those who are serious about their health and are result driven. -Nazy D.



Roya is a charismatic, committed, and extremely effective personal trainer. I have never seen someone so dedicated to fitness and to her clients. Like everything else she does, she puts her entire self into her art and her enthusiasm is infectious. She continues to motivate people outside of the one on one training sessions, whether via social media or individual outreach, making her value go way beyond what you pay for. Her adaptability to each client and his/her needs, desires, and sensitivities are what make her clients continuously come back for more. Most importantly, she’s punctual, prepared, and on point at each session we have together which makes every second with her worth my while. -Shirin G.


Awesome trainer!!!!

I’ve been training with Roya for 5 months and I’ve seen amazing results. She’s extremely personable and is a pleasure to work with. I’m amazed with my results!!!!!! -Mazol U.


Roya is passionate

Roya is passionate with every client of hers. She is not only your personal trainer that trains in the convenience of your house, but she becomes your mentor in order for you to achieve your personal goal. She follows up with you weekly to make sure you on the right track with your diet, nutrition and supplements. I lost 10 lbs after 9 session. She changed the routine each session in order not to be boring and to make sure we worked on different muscles. Roya incorporates great music during each workout to create the ultimate environment for the client. If you behave during your workouts, she will throw in some GREAT stretches.I feel amazing after each workout and look forward to our next session. -Fariba T.



We really enjoy working out with Roya. The workouts are very challenging, Roya targets our particular needs while building our strength and endurance. She is very sensitive to our limitations and designed a workout regimen to strengthen our legs, back and core without pain or risk of further injury. Her constant attention to proper form and technique and the varied routines have kept us interested, physically challenged, and looking forward to the next workout session. We have fun and improving our quality of life at the same time! We feel better and more physically confident; we have more energy; and eating healthier If you’ve ever thought about working out and, but don’t know where to begin, call Roya today and give yourself the gift of better health.  -Yael S.


Roya Sarraf Rocks!

In just 5 weeks of training with Roya, I have tightened up my mid section remarkably. Roya is an incredible teacher with an upbeat, positive personality and I know I am going to get terrific results which will enable me to have far greater strength for my ballroom dance competitions. Oh and i am 76 years old! -Cary M.


Life changing trainer

Roya’s knowledge with fitness has changed my approach to working out! She is amazing with all ages and focuses on every individual as their own being! It’s great when you do a workout that was designed just for you and your goals! -Nagila B.


Super STAR trainer!!!!

I came across this site while searching the web for a qualified PT. I came across Roya’s profile and just knew that she was the perfect trainer for me! I wanted someone who was tuff and passionate at the same time. We have been working together for the past year now and I have never felt better in my life! Her personality shines through her soul and her energy motivates me to keep on working hard! I needed someone who would train me at my office during working hours (I never have the time to go to the gym.) She has many years of experience not only with Physical Training but with life and living a balanced and healthy life style! I HIGHLY recommend her!!!!!! Roya thank you for everything! Best of luck! -Kobi N.


Roya Rocks!!!!!!

I have been training with Roya since December 2011 and it has been one of the best things that i have done for my physical and mental health. Roya is such a positive, upbeat and encouraging person. She is also on point when it comes to knowing her stuff. Most trainers that i have met will focus only on the exercise routine and maybe incorporate some eating tips. Roya actually sat down with me and helped me create a sustainable eating plan, suggested holistic supports (vitamins, supplements) and of course created a workout plan that challenges me EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT. I have not done the same workout twice and it’s been almost 2 months! I feel 100% secure in recommending Roya for anyone that is wiling to dedicate their time and give 100% of their effort. Also, if you’ve ever felt threatened by the idea of a personal trainer… don’t have to worry about that with Roya. She has a knack for reading people so if you need a drill instructor, she can be that, but if you need an upbeat motivator, she’s that too. -Sascha M.


Client of Roya

Roya helped me not only physically but mentally and emotional as well. I lost 13 pounds in my first 2 months of training and feel amazing. Roya is a great person, gives amazing advice on life and i truly enjoy my sessions. I feel and look great and its all because of her! Thank You Roya! -Melody S.


The Best Trainer I Have Had!

I have been going to trainers since I was 15 and never had any lasting results. When i moved to New York for the summer i was reluctant to have a trainer because so many had failed in the past but because i heard such great reviews i decided to try and couldn’t have been any happier. Not only did I see lasting results myself, but i am constantly being complimented by other people on how great I look. Roya is AMAZING! She really cares about what she is doing and you can tell right away. She tailored my workout/nutrition to fit my lifestyle so it is something i can realistically do and continue to maintain now that i no longer live in NY. Her workouts are amazing and you really feel like you are doing something great for your body. I can’t rave enough about how happy I am that I got the opportunity to work out with Roya I wish I could still train with her. She is honestly the only trainer I would recommend. I was able to lose about and keep off 15 pounds (lost 7% of my body fat) in the 3 1/2 months I trained with her! -Polin S.



I have been working with Roya for about 6 months now. She was recommended to me by a friend who found her on and HIGHLY recommended her to me. I am a very successful Real Estate Mogul who has no time to hit the gym as I would like. Roya took the time to come and meet me during off peak work hours so that we could make up a game plan according to my needs and wants. She is extremely pleasant and has a very natural nurturing side to her that is filled with love, passion and positivity. Non of her sessions are ever the same (so it really helps me from getting bored. There are many times where I need her to train me at my office as opposed to my home and she accommodates me by doing so. SHE IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! You get what you pay for and with that said I recommend this beautiful woman to anyone in need of a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Life Coach, Therapist and Friend. Thank You sweet heart for helping me better my body, mind, life and soul!  -Mike M.


Incredible, Punctual & Professional!

Roya is great. She’s a tough, knowledgeable trainer that will get you into whatever pair of jeans are lurking in the back of your closet. My favorite part about her though is her punctuality and professionalism.. I’m on this website, so I expected to get my butt kicked. What I did not expect was someone that was fun, sweet, and caring, but also considerate of my time. Because of Roya, I’ve learned much more than just better fitness techniques. I’m finally getting my life back on the right track. Thanks Roya! -M A


One of a kind, special trainer.

Roya is one of those unique people who can relate to everyone and young women especially. I really enjoy our sessions and our conversation. She is detailed and has great work ethic. She makes it easy to be excited about training and to see results from our workouts. -Gloria S.



I have just started working with Roya and was nervous about it because I have never worked with a personal trainer before. Even though its only been a few weeks I look forward to our work out because I know its more than just getting into shape, when we are done I feel healthier and strong in all aspects of my life. Roya is a very honest, positive, and kind person; she knows when to push you and when to give you encouragement. I feel so luck to have found her! -Suzanne B.


Simply Amazing

Great attitude, energetic and knowledgeable. Highly recommend her for a life changing experience. You will not be disappointed. –Joseph M.


Professional, Knowledgeable, and Enthusiastic

Roya has been my personal trainer for about year and a half now and the results I have achieved to date are largely due to royas perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle. -Rebecca S.


Honest, Loyal, Fun, Dedicated, Passionate…..

Well that just sums it up in a nutshell. My name is Sydney and I have been working with Roya for the past year now. First off, I must say that she has a-one-of-a kind personality- very caring, warm, gentle and motivating. This sexy, fit PT of mine really knows what shes talking about when it comes to health and fitness. She captured my attention by sharing her knowledge on how the mind is really where it all stems from in training. You must make a decision to give love to your mind and body simultaneously. And so I listened and followed and trained hard with this lovely lady trainer of mine! I’ve lost 5% of body fat and went from 24.9% in my BMI (Body Mass Index) to 21.7% in just 3 months, training 3 times a week! Thank you Roya for all the patience and hard work you put in to me and our sessions! -Sydney T.