Rock Your Body NYC

Rock Your Body NYC is the personal training company that arrives right at your front step with all the necessary equipment to help you get trained and fit to the best of our ability. Roya started RYBNYC in 2010 with a vision to be able to help the clientele that may not be as motivated to take that step in getting to the gym or might be too shy to train at the gym. It’s the reason why we are different and the reason why we stand out. This way there are NO MORE excuses!

Biography of Roya M. Sarraf, certified personal trainer, founder/owner

At a very early age, Roya discovered a fascination with sports and athletics. She displayed natural abilities and competitive talent in just about any sport she played. Roya is enthusiastic about all sports in general, but her personal favorites have always been swimming and ice skating. In school she became even further involved in competitive sports and made time for athletic activities throughout her junior and high-school years.

Despite her love of athletics and physical fitness, Roya often fell victim to her own negative self impression that eventually affected her self esteem, self image and self confidence. Being a first generation American born to foreign parents played a significant role in sculpting Roya, while her non-American lineage and mild ADHD also factored into her scholastic learning and into how she was treated by her peers, as well as her instructors, in school and beyond. Roya focused most of her energy and time into the one thing that she excelled at, sports. She stayed involved in a variety of different team & individual sports in middle and high-school.

“I had to figure things out on my own, school was
difficult for me because of my learning disability.”
— R.S.

At the age of 15 her Great Uncle bought her a membership to a New York sports club In her home town of Great Neck, NY. From that point on her passion to train and lift weights began to evolve into a lifestyle, one that she could easily understand and one that would provide her with measurable short and long term results. She started seeing her body transform into something she had previously believed only possible in Hollywood and in magazines.

“I would follow my cousin around at the gym to see what his routine was,
I learned many of my workout and training techniques from him.”

After a few years Roya started realizing that eating right was a key element in seeing faster results, so she tried all the “fad diets” out there, including the famous Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, the cabbage diet, the raw veggie diet, etc… She learned the hard way exactly what did, and what didn’t work for her body type. Ultimately, she began to realize that dieting and exercising alone was not the perfect solution, but rather a combination of self control, nutritional fortitude, and routine workouts. This is what helped shape her way of living and eating healthy, way back then, and in the years that followed.

“I was very lucky to hail from a culture rich in eating “really healthy food”,
we would cook everything, and rarely ate out.”

After graduating, Roya set her sights on establishing a career. She worked in many different fields, and studied fashion-buying, business and merchandising in college, but always held onto that burning passion for the health and fitness industry. Roya began studying anatomy, and psychology to help her master the fundamentals of strengthening her mind and body in her effort to achieve her version of personal satisfaction.

One day a close friend told her to do something that she really loves and has a passion for. A suggestion that resonated strongly with Roya. So she did just that. She began taking steps toward her true passion, to become personal trainer, life coach and health advisor. Roya received her ACT certification in July of 2010, which helped pave the road towards her ultimate goal of helping other people feel good, but without going through all the same struggles that she had endured herself. She took all the knowledge she had gained to build her own personal training service from the ground up. In 2010 Roya founded Rock Your Body NYC, offering her physical fitness training program to fellow New Yorkers.

“I literally started from the bottom up….
I made many mistakes along the way, but that all helped me get to where I am today.
I had a vision, and no body could stop me.”

Roya’s background in business and marketing gave her the edge she needed to begin her journey toward helping health-conscious people look good and feel great about themselves. Within a few short years Roya had built her dream business, and is now on the road to giving others the same self-empowering lifestyle that she has come to live for. Knowing that many people are shy or uncomfortable going to an overcrowded gym, she designed RYBNYC to offer private personal training services directly to her clients in the comfort of their homes, their offices, or their public gyms.

Roya knew that the hardest part of successful physical training was getting into the car and going to the gym. This is why Rock Your Body NYC has been such a success. Rock Your Body NYC represents better a lifestyle, offering so much more than just a coach who trains people. Clients get a friend, a mentor, a health coach and a life coach all at once, and one that truly cares about the well-being of her clients. She believes that mental, physical, and spiritual health all begins with the right state of mind. The mind must be ready for change and hyped up to push the body to its limits. Spirituality is the final and key component to her training style. Roya does not believe in fad diets, she believes in “mindfulness.” Eating, while staying aware and mindful, can help a person savor healthy foods, and satisfy cravings in a productive way. Meditation is part of this amazing program as well. It plays a huge roll in life, and in healthy living. It’s all about the mind, body & soul.

If you’re looking for someone who really understands your battles with food, training and internal thinking, Roya Sarraf is the woman to help you make the changes necessary to take control of your life!

“Few people truly understand just how good the human body is capable of feeling…
My goal is to enlighten them, and see them achieve new mental, physical, and spiritual heights.”